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1. The activities of Kastoria Outdoors are open to everyone, anyone can participate in, with the condition of mental and physical health, willingness to cooperate with the other participants and compliance with the directives and orders of escortsguidesinstructors of the company.
Despite the strict safety rules, the use of safety equipment and selection of the safest routes possible, activities in nature contain the risk of accident and participation in them requires awareness and acceptance of this risk.
The Kastoria Outdoors as the organizer is obliged to provide the most reliable and safe equipment, experienced and trained escortsguidesinstructors who follow the safety regulations set by the Kastoria Outdoors and our companys responsibility is limited only to them.
2. Reservationsadvancescancelations:
For any reservation to be valid, you must sign the relevant application form accompanied by a deposit equal to 30% of the agreed participation, at least three (3) days prior to the starting day of the activity. The deposit of the advance or the payoff automatically means that the applicant is fully informed of the program and accepts the general conditions of participation. In case of cancellation, for any reason, the following applies:
a) Cancellation up to three (3) days prior to the commencement of the activity is fully refunded.
b) Cancellation in less than three (3) days prior to the commencement of the activity: the entire amount of the advance is withheld.
3. Group Participation.
In case of registration of more persons or groups in a program, the representative of the group assumes liability and responsibility for:
a) completing of the entry form by all participants
b) informing all the participants of the conditions of participation and the essential items that they need carry with them.
4. Alteration of program by Kastoria Outdoors:
Kastoria Outdoors reserves the right to modify or cancel the program before its launch for safety reasons or force majeure (natural disasters, unsuitable weather conditions, inadequate level of participants, etc.).
In case of cancellation the full amount paid is refunded but the participants cannot claim any other compensation.
In case of program alteration, Kastoria Outdoors proposes an alternative program. Participants can accept the alteration or cancel their participation, taking back any amounts paid, without any further claims.
5. Program alterations by escorts guidesinstructors:
Escortsguidesinstructors of Kastoria Outdoors are obliged to carry out the program in accordance with the rules of each activity and safety guidelines.
Therefore escorts guidesinstructors of Kastoria Outdoors have the right to suspend or cancel a program for safety reasons or force majeure (natural disasters, unsuitable weather conditions, etc.). In the event of suspension or cancellation the full amount paid is refunded but the participants cannot claim any further compensation. If the interruption or cancellation of the program was due to someones of the participants, the amount paid will not be refunded in any of the participants, who are required to pay off the agreed full amount and cannot claim any compensation.
Also escortsguidesinstructors of Kastoria Outdoors have the right to modify a program that is under way and implement a backup plan. Additional costs that may result from the modification are not paid by the participants. Any withdrawal due to nonacceptance of the alternative program does not create any obligation to the company of refunding or any other compensation for unrealized services and participants are required to complete the agreed payment.
Escortsguidesinstructors of Kastoria Outdoors have the right to forbid someones of the participants to participate in a part or the whole program, without creating cause for refund, nonpayment or any other compensation when they find that participants have no mental or physical health, willingness to cooperate with the other participants, are poorly prepared, are illequipped, do not follow the instructions and orders of escortsguidesinstructors of the company and their conduct endangers themselves or the group.
If someone of the participants does not wish for any reason (sickness, fatigue, fear, etc.), to continue in some activity or the entire program, they can be present or refrain from it after informing the escortguideinstructor of the program, without any right to demand refunding of the amount paid, nonpayment or any other claim for compensation.
6. Program alterations by the participants:
Any alteration (date, destination, number of participants, etc.) is considered as a cancellation and dealt with the conditions of paragraph 2.
7. Photo shootingfilming participants:
During the activities the participants are photographed and filmed. This material is used in all promotions of Kastoria Outdoors (brochures, website, etc.). If you do not wish to appear in the promotional material of the company you have to send us a written request.
8. Personal belongings of participants:
The Kastoria Outdoors, disclaims any responsibility for the loss, destruction, deterioration and any other damage occurring in personal items belonging to participants that are carried by them during the activities. The same applies to items stored by the company during the travel to and from the activities locations as well as during the activities. Responsibility burdens exclusively the participants